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Debunking Diabetes

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Debunking Diabetes from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition #FDNTraining

The diagnosis of diabetes can be devastating.  Type 2 Diabetes is a serious epidemic that afflicts more than 29 million people in the United States today.  It is the 7th most common cause of death.  Science has come a long way in helping us to understand the cause, treatment, and prevention of the disease, yet […]

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Why Be A Functional Health Coach?

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Why Be a Functional Health Coach- from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition #FDNTraining

Why Be a Functional Health Coach? We’ve grown accustomed to conventional medicine. Spending a few minutes with a doctor and leaving with a script for a prescription, hoping it will alleviate a symptom. Or, perhaps leaving the office having heard that everything looks normal and you’re healthy! Only to be driving home with the nagging […]


The Surprising Stuff Hiding In Your Food

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Surprising stuff hiding in your food from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition #FDNTraining

Food It fuels our bodies and minds, stimulates our senses, and keeps hunger at bay. Food has become so much more than a source of nutrition. Food can be a source of pleasure, but can also be a source of pain. When used correctly, food can be the most powerful medicine. Unfortunately, some foods can […]