Praise From Our Graduates

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Rebecca Hazelton

Randy Heslip

Shawn Phillips

“First, I want to say that FDN has changed my life. When I started this program over a year ago, I was practically non-functional due to years of chronic stress followed by one VERY acutely stressful job lasting about 3 1/2 months. Using the DRESS protocols and my dream of helping people heal from chronic stress related issues using FDN, I transformed my life and my health with the guidance of my mentor Julie. The information provided is quite in depth and yet still understandable for me as a non-licensed practitioner. It is both accessible and scientific enough to allow me to feel like I know what I’m talking about when I share what I’m learning. The organization of the webinars is intuitive and follows a clear path. Overall, there is a wealth of information and resources available to me as a student/trainee. The availability of a mentor for the duration of my training and personal protocol was/is an invaluable resource.”

Sara D. from The Plains, Ohio

I loved the FDN class and I’m so excited to graduate so I can start helping people with those problems that no one else can seem to figure out. Reed’s passion comes through in each and every lesson. I liked the structure of the course. Watching the videos was great for me. I liked the immersion experience and having the chance to do an R&R meeting with my mentor and get feedback. My mentor was also really understanding about my schedule and tried to accommodate me to help me reach my goal of completing the course in a certain timeframe. Overall I can’t be any happier that I have decided to pursue my passion with FDN.

Crystal M., Fort Collins, CO

I loved the FDN program. I have been plagued with health symptoms for many years. I decided to embark on this program because I was tired of going to western medicine and naturopathic doctors and they continued to treat symptoms instead of the underlying problem. The FDN program was so much more than I anticipated. My mentor, Ann, was wonderful. The Facebook page and Friday calls gives some much more additional needed information. Thank you for providing both of those.

Greg W., United Kingdom

The FDN program has been truly amazing. It has given me an great amount of knowledge and tools to work with for my family and myself and clients in my health coaching practice. I have been on a long journey to reclaim my own health and wellbeing and somehow always fell short of achieving it. Soon after starting the FDN program I realized I finally found a step-by-step systematic approach to building health that digs deep into underlying causes and recognizes bio-individuality. It has given me an enormous amount of confidence in the ability to be fully in charge of my own health. I am very excited with the changes I see in myself and the possibility to help others in the same way.

I found the program very well put together. The lectures were detailed, clear and full of valuable information. Working on myself and with test clients with the help of my mentor and the practicals was a great way to put all the information into practice and be prepared for future clients.

Molly M., Houston, TX

I now have the ability to help clients in a way I never could before. Like so many other FDN graduate stories, I was a trainer for years, then turned to add nutrition into the mix, but was still missing the mark. FDN allows me to laser focus in on my clients and their unique biochemistry to allow them to find healing opportunities. I really enjoyed the blend of practical experience using the mentorship and going through the process ourselves combined with the lectures. I appreciate the continued expansion of the program as well, knowing there is a future path for me to continue learning and have the support to do so.

Monique J., Mumbai, India

I am in love with FDN. For many years I have been a personal trainer and sports nutritionist and I could only help my client with what I could see. It was obvious that they were struggling with common symptoms like fatigue, headaches, weight gain, depression, food sensitivities, gut dysfunction, skin problems – etc, but their doctors said their results were “normal”. I was stumped. Now I have a whole new way to help people feel and function at their very best. Personally, I came into this course with gut dysfunction, Stage III adrenal fatigue and many problems that go along with it. I am already feeling better and seeing results from my own D.R.E.S.S. protocol and I feel so empowered to be able to take care of my own health, now and into the future.

Louisa G, Arcata, CA

“I am so glad I have invested the time and energy into the FDN program. It has really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have gained a confidence expressing myself that I did not have prior to starting this program. I really appreciate the “family” support of all those involved with FDN, the administration, mentors, and the students via the Facebook page.

I think one of the best things about the program is that the entire staff wants each of us to succeed and complete the program. I love that it’s ok to make a mistake and that I got good feedback for making corrections. Being able to practice while learning was very important to me. I feel much more prepared and at ease to discuss the FDN way. Having real life clients with real problems and seeing them use the protocols and make improvements has been very encouraging. I love that I have had a great back-up system for any problems or questions I might have had along the way. Reed does a great job teaching in his very personable style. I know he has the best back up team ever. You all are the best!”

A.K. from Katy, Texas

To be honest, I entered the course doubting that in 10 lessons I could learn what I thought was needed to help people with a functional approach. I was skeptical that I could put functional tools to use, but I have been proven wrong. Reed is a terrific and down-to-earth teacher, and has given us simple, yet very powerful tools that any responsible and a bit studious person can learn and put to use. I am very grateful. Also, everybody in the team has been very helpful and responsive when I needed something. I am really happy to be part of the FDN family.

Alessandra O., Santa Rosa, CA

I’ve been incredibly impressed with this entire program. Everything seems so well thought out and presented. The lesson plans and materials were comprehensive and I really like how well integrated the website, downloads, and things like the Friday Calls were to the course. It was nice having a mentor to help guide me through in case I got stuck, and I really appreciate the insights and information that Jill had. Everyone involved in the creation and implementation of this course should be proud.

Lindsay G., Eagle, CO

I had desperately been trying to figure out what was happening to my once very strong, resilient body. I absolutely felt fatigued at a cellular level and was baffled by my lack of stamina. As a former firefighter, I missed feeling STRONG.

Along came the course lessons and my test results, and I felt vindicated that printed in black and white was the dysfunction I was feeling. I have several months of protocols and DRESS on board, new test results to enhance my regimen, and seven lessons completed. While I noticed some improvements (sleep!), I still felt challenged, tired, and exhausted. But I am a trained heath detective now.

I did my due diligence and gave all my test results to my personal physician, who listened more intently to my concerns after I showed her my BioHealth tests. She ran more blood tests and reported that things looked “normal” (my genetic expression), but I knew myself and I knew otherwise. I went in again, had her check my neck, and after specialist consultations, ultrasounds, an MRI, and a biopsy, I finally have a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

My gratitude to you is for building the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program, and for giving me a solid framework from which to have a functional medicine conversation within the traditional medical model of care. The detective work you advocate fits with my persistent nature, and I was able to PROVE that something more was at play in my body and convince them to help me discover what it was.”

I have done many courses and been through university for nutrition and physiology. This has been the most eye-opening course that I have taken to date. It is amazing how everything is tied together and small changes can result in large malfunctions down the road. The information is up to date and research based. The team has been amazing to work with and their knowledge has been a great help in understanding the fundamentals and more advanced information.

Ginny M, Pacific Grove, CA

I cannot even begin to describe how this course has, and will continue to change my life for the better. It is so rare in my experience to have a your symptoms validated, and know that you can get to the bottom of it and do something meaningful to regain your health; it is just priceless. The knowledge and skills I have gained during this course will certainly carry me into a whole new realm of optimal health and financial freedom and I could not be more grateful. The FDN team is amazing, dedicated and inspiring, I have truly enjoyed working with them so far and look forward to many years of correspondence. Thank you for your hard work and focus to this truly worthy cause, the world owes you one!

Ben D. Alberta, Canada