Praise From Our Graduates

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Rebecca Hazelton

Randy Heslip

Shawn Phillips

“First, I want to say that FDN has changed my life. When I started this program over a year ago, I was practically non-functional due to years of chronic stress followed by one VERY acutely stressful job lasting about 3 1/2 months. Using the DRESS protocols and my dream of helping people heal from chronic stress related issues using FDN, I transformed my life and my health with the guidance of my mentor Julie. The information provided is quite in depth and yet still understandable for me as a non-licensed practitioner. It is both accessible and scientific enough to allow me to feel like I know what I’m talking about when I share what I’m learning. The organization of the webinars is intuitive and follows a clear path. Overall, there is a wealth of information and resources available to me as a student/trainee. The availability of a mentor for the duration of my training and personal protocol was/is an invaluable resource.”

Sara D. from The Plains, Ohio

I loved the FDN class and I’m so excited to graduate so I can start helping people with those problems that no one else can seem to figure out. Reed’s passion comes through in each and every lesson. I liked the structure of the course. Watching the videos was great for me. I liked the immersion experience and having the chance to do an R&R meeting with my mentor and get feedback. My mentor was also really understanding about my schedule and tried to accommodate me to help me reach my goal of completing the course in a certain timeframe. Overall I can’t be any happier that I have decided to pursue my passion with FDN.

Crystal M., Fort Collins, CO

I loved the FDN program. I have been plagued with health symptoms for many years. I decided to embark on this program because I was tired of going to western medicine and naturopathic doctors and they continued to treat symptoms instead of the underlying problem. The FDN program was so much more than I anticipated. My mentor, Ann, was wonderful. The Facebook page and Friday calls gives some much more additional needed information. Thank you for providing both of those.

Greg W., United Kingdom

The FDN program has been truly amazing. It has given me an great amount of knowledge and tools to work with for my family and myself and clients in my health coaching practice. I have been on a long journey to reclaim my own health and wellbeing and somehow always fell short of achieving it. Soon after starting the FDN program I realized I finally found a step-by-step systematic approach to building health that digs deep into underlying causes and recognizes bio-individuality. It has given me an enormous amount of confidence in the ability to be fully in charge of my own health. I am very excited with the changes I see in myself and the possibility to help others in the same way.

I found the program very well put together. The lectures were detailed, clear and full of valuable information. Working on myself and with test clients with the help of my mentor and the practicals was a great way to put all the information into practice and be prepared for future clients.

Molly M., Houston, TX

I now have the ability to help clients in a way I never could before. Like so many other FDN graduate stories, I was a trainer for years, then turned to add nutrition into the mix, but was still missing the mark. FDN allows me to laser focus in on my clients and their unique biochemistry to allow them to find healing opportunities. I really enjoyed the blend of practical experience using the mentorship and going through the process ourselves combined with the lectures. I appreciate the continued expansion of the program as well, knowing there is a future path for me to continue learning and have the support to do so.

Monique J., Mumbai, India

I am in love with FDN. For many years I have been a personal trainer and sports nutritionist and I could only help my client with what I could see. It was obvious that they were struggling with common symptoms like fatigue, headaches, weight gain, depression, food sensitivities, gut dysfunction, skin problems – etc, but their doctors said their results were “normal”. I was stumped. Now I have a whole new way to help people feel and function at their very best. Personally, I came into this course with gut dysfunction, Stage III adrenal fatigue and many problems that go along with it. I am already feeling better and seeing results from my own D.R.E.S.S. protocol and I feel so empowered to be able to take care of my own health, now and into the future.

Louisa A., CA

I have learned so much in my FDN program. I am already a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach II, but I already know this program definitely took me to the next level of practice.”

Lucy H., Colorado

“What I appreciate most about FDN is finally getting my health and life back after being a client.”

Maggie C., Massachusetts

I have loved FDN and what it has done for my own health. I can only imagine how I am going to be able to help so many people with this. I appreciate that there is a whole team of people working together to make this the best information possible. It seems as there are many influences including MDs, NDs and the FDN mentors that all contribute to making the information up to date as well as providing support.”

Elissa C.- Minnesota

This course has solidified my belief that the body can heal itself without harsh pharmaceutical intervention if you truly understand the underlying mechanisms of disease. This course is truly a “how to” guide to reversing illness and creating lifelong health and vitality.

Adam E., Neptune NJ

I’m glad I chose FDN and truly believe I can use my newly acquired knowledge to help people regain or achieve real, lasting health.

Maria B., Oklahoma

I enrolled in the FDN program to supplement my knowledge and I think it will make me a better, more intuitive practitioner. Holistic nutrition is my passion and I love learning. I can’t wait to use this in my practice. I already have a list of clients who want to go on this journey!

Melany P., Utah

I am mainly doing this program for myself, but I am already seeing possibilities for some of my clients. [….] I will be indebted to this program for the rest of my life.

Ginger E., North Carolina

Before I did the FDN course I was already a naturopath and homeopath,  but always felt there was something missing in my “repertoire”. FDN has filled that gap perfectly and it has giving me a much better insight as to the functions and interactions of certain body systems and/or pathways. My patients love those tests as it shows them black on white what is going on their bodies, i.e. no guesswork and they are much more compliant when I give them their protocols to fix those body issues and the results are great!   Doing the FDN course was definitely worth the money many times over. 


I came across FDN quite by accident when I was searching for a way to improve my skills at reading labs.  As a nutrition consultant, my education did not teach us how to do a ‘deep dive’ into understanding functional labs.  After completing the FDN curriculum, I feel confident that I can provide a much better service for my clients and help them achieve better health without them having to seek out help from many different practitioners.  FDN is seriously detailed and thorough and provides a systematic methodology and detailed protocols, but most importantly they provide valuable ongoing support once you finish.  You really get your money’s worth in this training!

Leti F.

I cried and cried, the last IVF cycle had failed again, I felt like I was undergoing a science experiment on my emotions and body.

Why couldn’t I get pregnant?

What could I do to take control and help heal myself?

What could I do to have the baby that myself and husband were yearning for…..

As I write this, I am looking across to see my beautiful baby girl playing happily on her jungle mat.  Her bright blue eyes are alive with light and her gibberish squeaks are music to my hears.  I feel extremely blessed.

Wow I did it, I made the journey, but what a journey it was to receive our little bundle of joy.  It was a journey of healing my body back to fertility, back to health.  It’s a journey I would like to share with others who feel disempowered and hopeless caught up in the medical system with no answers.

To give you an overview in to how wholefoods and lifestyle played a major role into my success lets briefly go back to where it all began……

I grew up in the country where we owned and rode horses, my favourite thing to do on the weekend was to go on adventure rides with my mum and sister.  Through the bush, jumping over fallen trees and swimming the horses in a near by lake on the way home from a good ride.  Our family was health conscious and sporty and we were all involved in swimming competitively. By the time I was 14 I was in hard training, logging hours of cardio, 15 hrs just in swimming training a week and then competing on the weekend.  The 90’s was all about low fat, high carb, long cardio, the more the better. I followed this lifestyle advocated by my coaches and the health experts obsessively.  It soon turned into a ‘no fat and nutrient deficient diet’ and my obsession with sport soon became an obsession with body image and trying to always lose weight.

Once I finished high school, I left the country and moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement.

I lived on campus with a bunch of other students from the country, so as you can imagine it was one big party.  I didn’t lead a very healthy lifestyle at that stage being seduced into the typical Australian culture of drinking and partying way too much.

While doing a stint in London I ramped up the dieting and chronic cardio.  Remember when spin sessions first came in to vogue?  I was doing double back to back sessions several times a week as well as long runs.  I didn’t realize how much damage I was doing by putting so much stress on my body, increasing cortisol and inflammation and not nourishing my body with enough food let alone real food.

I lost a lot of weight but was never satisfied.  I was running, training for half marathons too and kept on getting injured, I had 3 stress fractures in my tibia and 2 hip fractures, so bad that I almost ended up in a wheel chair at some point.

Back home from London I sought further education and did a Nutritional Medicine Certificate, which planted a few seeds about eating real nourishing food.  I then came across the Underground Wellness podcast, which was the catalyst to listening to more podcasts with all the pioneers of the paleo/real food movement such as Mark Sisson, Chris Kressor and Robb Wolf.

This new found information on eating ‘real food’ and knowledge of the nutrition myths that had been advertised by mainstream media and agencies for so long, corresponded with meeting the man I wanted to marry and have kids with.  Great!  Except I hadn’t had a period in 5 years and didn’t know if I could fall pregnant!

I thought my fertility was running out and I’ve never been the most patient person, I wanted to get pregnant now, ASAP.  I wasn’t menstruating, I didn’t know why and I needed answers.  My GP referred me to a specialist who did the standard tests.  I had a bicornuate uterus with a severe septum, I almost had 2 uterus’s which meant I couldn’t get pregnant or if I did I would miscarry as there was no room for the baby to grow.

Thoughts ran through my head such as….  ‘maybe I wasn’t meant to have kids, my body wasn’t made for it, maybe this was for a reason?’ I contemplated these thoughts for a while and discussed with Dave, my husband what we should do. I ended up having surgery to remove the septum.  So my uterus was ok now but my hormones were still low and I still wasn’t menstruating.  My ‘specialist physician’ couldn’t tell me why or how this had happened and didn’t seem to care about finding out and suggested going through IVF was the best solution.  I found this frustrating and confusing but followed her direction and began the IVF journey.

All of a sudden I was in a world of testing and drugs.  At my core this felt wrong, but I had a goal of getting pregnant, and if this is what I had to do, I would.  The whole time I felt like it wasn’t right, intuitively it felt so wrong and against my new belief system of ‘living as naturally’ as possible. IVF was the antitheists of that, I had to inject myself with hormones every day, sometimes twice.  But my maternal instinct was so strong, I continued on.

From all the appointments with doctors, obstetricians, gynecologists and nurses there was no talk of diet or lifestyle. Not one conversation about how I was living or what I was, or wasn’t, putting in my body.  Neither were there questions about my emotional or psychological state.  I found this so bizarre and mystifying. I felt like I had handed my fertility and health completely over to other people.  I needed to gain some control back over the situation. I needed some answers.

From listening to the many podcasts I’d heard on my walks I had remembered one in particular on Underground Wellness, Sean Croxton interviewing Reed Davis from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN).  This is the answer I thought I needed; someone who practiced FDN to discover the root cause of my infertility.

FDN is a deep dive into the physiology of what actually is going on with all systems and functionality of the body through diagnostic functional tests. I decided to become a FDN practitioner myself.  I just didn’t trust anybody else with giving me the answers I needed.  The FDN certification is an intensive online program completed in your own time.  In addition to the online component of the course, you have the support of mentors Australia-wide to facilitate completion of the program content.  The flexibility of the program suited me as I was working full time.

As I studied I learned more about the physiology of the body. I understood what the body required to operate at its optimum.  Part of the course involved using yourself as a case study, with self-testing and resultant specific protocols undertaken with the aid of a mentor.  Finally I had the ability to test myself and find the root cause of what wrong.

The things I learned….

  • My exact hormone levels which were all baseline;
  • My cortisol rhythm was off, and I was in stage 2 adrenal dysfunction;
  • My liver was congested;
  • I had a lot of free radical damage probably due to excessive exercise and a nutrient deficit diet;
  • My intestinal tract was permeable (leaky gut);
  • I had an overgrowth of H.pylori;
  • I had food sensitivities; and
  • I wasn’t eating enough in general to support my endocrine system
  • I wasn’t eating enough fat to produce hormones

All these things contributed to my infertility. It was abundantly clear that I had gained more answers from these tests than from any of the doctors or specialists I had seen over the years.   I started protocols that aimed at correcting all of these things through diet, exercise, rest, stress reduction and supplementation.

My biggest challenge was following these protocols and changing my mindset and belief system.  I was coming from a place of  chronic cardio is best, while eating low fat, low calories for health.  In addition, I had struggled with body image issues since being a teenager, which had lead to disordered eating my whole life.

I was exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. I wanted off this cycle and learning all this information that made total sense gave me permission to stop and change.

I was still undergoing IVF through all of this but was becoming more and more cynical about the whole system.  I was a number (actually being called out as a number, not by my name).  There were always at least 20 other people in the waiting room, sometimes up to 50.  I thought to myself…’what’s their business model here?  How many times do they need you to fail for their business to be successful?’  I was disillusioned with the whole thing.

I vividly remember finding out when the last IVF cycle failed.  We were in Byron Bay, sitting at Tallow’s beach.  I got the call, ‘no it hadn’t worked…again’.  I cried and cried, I couldn’t stop, I turned to Dave and said ‘I can’t do this anymore, I can’t stay on this rollercoaster of hope and disappointment’.  What ever this ‘was’, it felt worse then not having kids.

I never went back to IVF and followed the protocols from FDN.  It wasn’t easy, when its been indoctrinated in you to live and eat a certain way.  Part of the protocols, resulting from the testing, was to eat more fat. This wasn’t easy when its been engrained in you to not eat fat because you’ll put on weight and die of a heart attack.  But from the study I did I knew the way to increase my hormones was to eat saturated fats, the science proved it, the physiological pathways proved it.  I had to change my mindset and believe and trust I was doing the right thing.

The motivation to get pregnant and make a family thankfully outweighed my body image issues, disordered eating and dogmatic main-stream media mantra.

Along with the FDN protocols I followed a paleo template.  This was good for me; it was what I needed at the time.  It was sensible and was about eating real food from sustainable, organic, local produce, seafood and meats and having nothing processed, no preservatives.

The goal was to decrease and remove all the stressors in my life; external and internal, so I did the following….

  • Killed the H.Pylori;
  • Remove the foods I was sensitive too;
  • Cooked and ate nourishing and traditional foods;
  • Ate fats;
  • Ate more food in general;
  • Removed inflammatory foods;
  • Rested;
  • Supplemented;
  • Meditated; and
  • Received acupuncture at Angea

My body and mind loved it.  I had more energy, I felt better, my moods improved, I was happier, my skin and hair were healthier and I started menstruating.

I was soon pregnant.  I truly believe changing my diet to eat real, nourishing food and changing some lifestyle habits contributed to regaining my fertility and getting pregnant.  I also give credit to a supportive and caring acupuncturist/chinese herbalist Amanda Waaldyk at Angea who treated and listened to me all the way through my IVF and pregnancy journey.

IVF did not work for me but I know other people who have been successful, just because it wasn’t right for me doesn’t mean it isn’t right for other people.

I fell pregnant naturally and now have a beautiful, healthy daughter, Indie Joy.  I have almost finished my FDN certification and can’t wait to help people heal naturally like I did.  While I’m on maternity leave I am writing a blog so I can share my knowledge, research and food creations for others in the healing journey.

Mel I.- Australia

“I am so glad I have invested the time and energy into the FDN program. It has really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have gained a confidence expressing myself that I did not have prior to starting this program. I really appreciate the “family” support of all those involved with FDN, the administration, mentors, and the students via the Facebook page.

I think one of the best things about the program is that the entire staff wants each of us to succeed and complete the program. I love that it’s ok to make a mistake and that I got good feedback for making corrections. Being able to practice while learning was very important to me. I feel much more prepared and at ease to discuss the FDN way. Having real life clients with real problems and seeing them use the protocols and make improvements has been very encouraging. I love that I have had a great back-up system for any problems or questions I might have had along the way. Reed does a great job teaching in his very personable style. I know he has the best back up team ever. You all are the best!”

A.K. from Katy, Texas

To be honest, I entered the course doubting that in 10 lessons I could learn what I thought was needed to help people with a functional approach. I was skeptical that I could put functional tools to use, but I have been proven wrong. Reed is a terrific and down-to-earth teacher, and has given us simple, yet very powerful tools that any responsible and a bit studious person can learn and put to use. I am very grateful. Also, everybody in the team has been very helpful and responsive when I needed something. I am really happy to be part of the FDN family.

Alessandra O., Santa Rosa, CA

I’ve been incredibly impressed with this entire program. Everything seems so well thought out and presented. The lesson plans and materials were comprehensive and I really like how well integrated the website, downloads, and things like the Friday Calls were to the course. It was nice having a mentor to help guide me through in case I got stuck, and I really appreciate the insights and information that Jill had. Everyone involved in the creation and implementation of this course should be proud.

Lindsay G., Eagle, CO

I had desperately been trying to figure out what was happening to my once very strong, resilient body. I absolutely felt fatigued at a cellular level and was baffled by my lack of stamina. As a former firefighter, I missed feeling STRONG.

Along came the course lessons and my test results, and I felt vindicated that printed in black and white was the dysfunction I was feeling. I have several months of protocols and DRESS on board, new test results to enhance my regimen, and seven lessons completed. While I noticed some improvements (sleep!), I still felt challenged, tired, and exhausted. But I am a trained heath detective now.

I did my due diligence and gave all my test results to my personal physician, who listened more intently to my concerns after I showed her my BioHealth tests. She ran more blood tests and reported that things looked “normal” (my genetic expression), but I knew myself and I knew otherwise. I went in again, had her check my neck, and after specialist consultations, ultrasounds, an MRI, and a biopsy, I finally have a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

My gratitude to you is for building the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program, and for giving me a solid framework from which to have a functional medicine conversation within the traditional medical model of care. The detective work you advocate fits with my persistent nature, and I was able to PROVE that something more was at play in my body and convince them to help me discover what it was.”

I have done many courses and been through university for nutrition and physiology. This has been the most eye-opening course that I have taken to date. It is amazing how everything is tied together and small changes can result in large malfunctions down the road. The information is up to date and research based. The team has been amazing to work with and their knowledge has been a great help in understanding the fundamentals and more advanced information.

Ginny M, Pacific Grove, CA

I cannot even begin to describe how this course has, and will continue to change my life for the better. It is so rare in my experience to have a your symptoms validated, and know that you can get to the bottom of it and do something meaningful to regain your health; it is just priceless. The knowledge and skills I have gained during this course will certainly carry me into a whole new realm of optimal health and financial freedom and I could not be more grateful. The FDN team is amazing, dedicated and inspiring, I have truly enjoyed working with them so far and look forward to many years of correspondence. Thank you for your hard work and focus to this truly worthy cause, the world owes you one!

Ben D. Alberta, Canada

After taking the certification course I am convinced that Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is the key to unlocking a healthy body for many people that suffer. I am proud and excited to be a member of such a distinguished group of people seeking to help others. I am amazed at the manner in which such a complex topic is made simple through this study. 
FDN has restored the life of one of my clients and she is thrilled. She no longer suffers migraines, chronic fatigue and has finally been able to conquer a weight problem that was becoming increasingly difficult to manage. My client is now pregnant after trying to become pregnant for many years unsuccessfully!”

S. C.- California

FDN has given me tools to be confident that I can help people in their health struggles. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have acquired and the support and guidance that I have received, especially from my mentor.

M.C.- New York

My experience with FDN has been fantastic. The training was systematic, organized and accessible. My mentor was extremely helpful and excellent at explaining concepts and offering practical advice. …. Truly a completely positive and life-changing experience.” 

J.W.- California

The FDN process has been an answer to prayer on many levels. I have GREATLY appreciated the in depth educational material, case studies, resources, and protocols. I would definitely recommend FDN to anyone looking for a great foundation as a functional medicine style health coach.

Jonathan B, Maryland

FDN has been the best thing I did in my wellness studies. It closed loop holes and many trial and error gaps

Wajdi H., Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Now that I’ve come this far I can only say that it’s been the most amazing education, as well as being humorous, authentic, inspiring, challenging…and eye-opening. A true journey of a lifetime. The material is fresh, up to date, valuable beyond measure and presented in an accessible fashion that even someone like me who was never very “dedicated” at school, can truly get to grips with, enjoy and share with others.

Now, I look at my prospects and I feel powerful. FDN has been such an enormous part of my growth; in my health, my self-confidence and the inner strength I have found since my mother’s passing; and I know that I will be able to ensure that my family stay healthy and help other people avoid the same fate that befell my mother.

Anyone considering this course should realise that once you start, there’s no real going back. It gets its hooks into you and before you know it, you’re craving the next video like a favourite TV series! The staff are all wonderful – looking at you Cindy! – and there’s always someone kind and knowledgeable to answer your queries. And of course, thank you so much Reed, for being so cool, so human and such a faaaantastic teacher that a girl like me could become someone who can help to heal the world. I am super proud to be a part of the FDN family.

Tamaryn J., UK

Having a mentor throughout the program has also been a great help and is a unique part of what FDN has to offer.

Jessica D., Pennsylvania

I love the amount of information that is in this training. I have learned heaps and still refer back to the materials. It’s been put together really well. What I loved best was the help of my lovely mentor Sabine. She added so much value to the course. Just being able to speak to an experienced coach and getting guidance, loved it.

Chantale G., Australia

I have completely enjoyed this course.  The Lesson’s were all that I hoped for and more in my quest for personal health education / guidance.  The entire FDN organization appears to be populated with gems, people who are truly invested in teaching and helping others learn to identify and address the root cause of poor health, rather than chasing symptoms.  I cannot begin to tell you FDN folks how very much that means to me…truly-truly-truly.  I do not want to get mushy on you, but I could without effort.  After taking such a health nose-dive and not being able to find any help, your course has been an answer to prayer.  I thank you each very much.  Special thanks to Julie for persevering as my mentor, she is wonderful.  Reed, you have such a gift.  Your Lessons are excellent, captivating, fun and educational – for what more could a student ask!?!   Thank you all very much.  

R. S.

The FDN Program has been a tremendous benefit to my health as well as to my clients. As a licensed acupuncturist for over 25 years, I have always looked for ways to restore health, balance and well being. I was looking for a program that would help me discover what was the cause of my increasing health issues and those of my clients. The FDN program taught me how to discover the body’s malfunctions and to identify healing opportunities that I had been missing. The course is extremely well organized, thorough, and insightful. The mentor assigned to me was enormously supportive and helpful. I ran most of the available functional lab tests on myself first, and the results gave me the information I needed to choose the right diet, supplements and lifestyle changes. This finally helped me to solve my persistent health issues. I have combined FDN with my acupuncture practice and I am thrilled with the results I am getting. I can now help my clients find the hidden stressors that are at the root of their health complaints and teach them self care. I love the ongoing support of the Fantastic Friday Calls, the FDN Connect, the constant upgrading of the lessons and the regular featured webinars. FDN has been life changing for my clients and myself. I am so grateful for the dedication of Reed Davis and his wonderful staff, and all the hard work they have done to make this program available. Sarah P.

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