The 7-Figure Wellness Business Summit

The 7-Figure Wellness Business Summit

We wanted to share information about this great summit with you. FDN founder Reed Davis will be one of the featured speakers. The summit begins February 26 and Reed’s presentation will be on March 10. If you are looking for an opportunity to grow your business like never before, there will be powerful information in this summit that you can use to do just that!

If you’re in the business of healing, then chances are you’d love to help more people. But, you’ve likely realized that a strictly-brick-and-mortar business model limits your ability to expand.

More than a third of Americans have an online business, and Forbes Magazine predicts that number will rise to more than half within two years. And, with about 77% of online searches being related to health and wellness, if you’re not harnessing the power of the Internet to grow your business, you’re missing out!

The good news is that you CAN get in on the next wave in wellness. My friend, business coach Toni Lyn Davis, is hosting a brand new summit on this very topic, and you’re invited to attend at no cost.

It’s called The 7-Figure Wellness Business Summit, it begins February 26, and you can grab your complimentary spot here: (affiliate link)

Beyond Brick And Mortar: Take Your Business Online

When you go to the link above and sign up to join Toni Lyn, me, and 20 other experts in the building and growing of online businesses, you’ll discover actionable, proven strategies you can use immediately to go beyond brick-and-mortar, to reach a wider audience, and to change the world in a bigger way!

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How and where to find new clients online, so you can help more people (and increase your profits, too!).
  • How to build online programming that will attract new clients and provide valuable information to them so they come back for more and refer their friends to you—therefore growing your business!
  • Step-by-step plans for building a brand and marketing your business so you can create financial freedom and lifestyle freedom WHILE healing more people, from anywhere, on your time.
  • Everything you need to know about the entrepreneur mindset necessary for online business success, and how to create the shifts you need to achieve exactly what you want to.
  • And so much more.

In short, you’ll walk away with answers to questions you might not even know to ask, grounded with a step-by-step process, and the tools you need to grow your business, serve more clients, and create the freedom of an entrepreneurial lifestyle!

Toni Lyn is the perfect person to host this summit. As a long-time business coach, she’s worked with hundreds of integrative professionals. She’s seen them struggle in their business, and she’s helped them transform their companies into online ventures that truly change the world.

Her mantra: “I help healers heal people.”

Through The 7-Figure Wellness Business Summit, Toni Lyn is bringing you the best in the industry, so you can learn and grow as a wellness professional and businessperson.

I wish I’d had this when I was starting out!

Now, I’d like to extend this personal invitation for you to join us for The 7-Figure Wellness Business Summit—and begin expanding your business beyond brick and mortar … and beyond your wildest dreams!

Go here to grab your no-cost spot on this powerful interview series:

Harness The Power Of The Internet To Shatter The Limits of Brick And Mortar.

To your success,

The FDN Team

P.S. As I mentioned above, a huge majority of online searches are related to health and wellness. Google processes 40,000 search queries PER SECOND (3.5 BILLION PER DAY)—which means that if you’re not online, you ARE missing out! Get expert advice and step-by-step guidance on getting online, healing more people, and creating a freedom lifestyle you love. Sign up here for The 7-Figure Wellness Business Summit:

Get Online.



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