Dr. Rachel Fresco

Dr Rachel Fresco

Dr. Rachel Fresco, L. Ac. is founder and CEO of Bio-Botanical Research, Inc. Since it’s inception in 1989, Dr. Fresco has utilized her background in naturopathy, Chinese medicine and clinical nutrition to create products that have a significant impact on challenging clinical presentations. Addressing concerns relating to infection, as well as the digestive and immune systems, her products have helped thousands of people worldwide.

Many noted authors, physicians and laboratories recommend the broad-spectrum formulations such as Biocidin® that Bio-Botanical Research offers as support when addressing Candida, SIBO, and other types of GI Dysbiosis and Biofilm disorders. The botanicals have useful applications in systemic infections including Lyme disease, and also may be used for upper respiratory infection including sinusitis, and other complaints where broad-spectrum antimicrobials are indicated.