Addressing Metabolic Chaos® to Break Through Your Clients’ Stubborn Weight-Webinar

FDN Mentor and Practitioner Brendan Vermeire

Happy 2018!

As the New Year kicks off, many clients set goals for weight loss… but sadly, most don’t see lasting results with the conventional approach of eating less and exercising more. There can be many underlying reasons why your client may have stubborn weight and a new approach is needed to help them achieve success!

Please join us for our webinar “Addressing Metabolic Chaos® to Break Through Your Clients’ Stubborn Weight – 3 Unique Case Studies” to learn how the FDN model rebuilds health and supports weight loss.

Tuesday, January 9th @ 4pm PST / 7pm EST

Imagine having the right tools to guide your clients from experiencing frustration and disappointment to having outstanding results!
In this webinar, we will guide you through FDN’s signature diet and lifestyle program and explain how using functional lab testing reveals patterns of imbalance in the body that can cause excess weight.

You’ll learn how general principles outperform specific treatments every time and will receive actionable information you can implement right away to help your clients see real results in 2018!

This webinar will teach you: 

• How different underlying problems can result in a client’s difficulty in losing weight
• Our signature approach to diet and lifestyle for rebuilding health that can support transformation regardless of the “root cause”
• How we identify healing opportunities that go beyond the traditional approach to weight loss

As an added bonus, webinar attendees will receive a free gift to support clients with their New Year’s resolutions and weight loss goals!

Please join us as we show you FDN’s proven model for rebuilding health. Make 2018 the year you impact more clients with the tools that bring them lasting success!!!

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