Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

"Our mission is to educate as many people as possible how to get well and stay well naturally so that they, in turn, may educate others."

– Reed Davis, Founder

How the Program Works?

3 Simple Steps

  1. Sign up to become an affiliate (see link below)
  2. Visit your affiliate center to collect your unique affiliate links and banners and set them up on your website, send out via email and social media. And coordinate with our FDN Promotional team to arrange for your own FDN promotional event.
  3. When someone clicks on your link and purchases a course or product, you earn the commission! (the lead tracking for any click will remain in place for 6 months so any sales that occur within that time frame will secure your commission).

What’s my incentive?

  • FDN Certification Course ($5995) – Earn between $550.00 – $1000.00 per course sale (10-20% of net sales).
  • FDN Advanced Modules ($279 – $379) – Earn 10% of net sales

We provide a generous 6 months of lead tracking (cookie) after a click on your affiliate link, ensuring better success even for referrals needing to take some time to decide.

We make it easy for you!

  • Once you apply, you have access to the Affiliate Center where you can easily find your affiliate links, email and social media swipe to help you promote, banners and media. You can also keep tabs on your earnings here.
  • It’s easy to nurture your audience by leveraging banners and content, along with promotion specific and seasonal offers (we provide our affiliates promotional coupons to pass along to their audience)
  • We will coordinate with you to set up promotional events for your group
  • We provide ways to earn multiple commissions via our Leader Products – each commission on net sales of leader products and then if your referral purchases the FDN Certification Course, you’ll earn commissions on that too!
  • Commissions are paid out via Paypal (other arrangements for payment are available).

Please fill out your information below. Once complete you will be asked for your payment information. We look foward to working with you on your new journey.

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