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Are You Eating the Right Foods for Your Body?

Are You Eating the Right Foods for Your Body-from

Have you ever tried to make the switch to eating a healthier diet but wound up confused because there are so many different ways to eat healthy? With thousands of different dietary theories out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed!  So without guidance you are left to guess at what the right foods should be for you.  Should you eat Paleo or low carb? What about becoming a vegetarian? Maybe follow a Mediterranean diet?  Or maybe you should go gluten free or grain free?

So you spend your time weeding through tons of information, trying to figure out what might work best and help you to feel better. And after awhile you finally select a way of healthy eating that you hope will work. You go ahead and make the change in your diet, but after eating that way for awhile you realize that you aren’t actually feeling any better.  But you know you should be!  Other people are thriving eating the same way you are, so why aren’t you?  Why are you still struggling?

Why do some ways of eating work well for some people?

Why do some people thrive eating certain ways, while others don’t? Why do some people do well eating a low carb diet, while it makes others feel worse. And why do others thrive when eating a vegetarian diet, when it makes others sick?

The truth is that there is no one size fits all diet that will work for every person. We are all unique individuals with a different genetic and metabolic makeup. That difference means that our bodies require different things in order to function properly.

We look different physically, have differences structurally, and have very different personality and behavioral traits. Food reacts differently for each of us as well.  When it comes to food, we each have preferences for different things, and can react differently to foods too.

So why do so many people still believe that we all should be eating the same way to be healthy?

The guessing game

The problem with the dietary habits of so many is that they do not actually understand what their body needs. Nor do they understand what foods will help them to thrive, and which will actually cause them to feel worse. Having a lack of understanding of your own metabolic needs can set you up for a lifetime of dietary guessing, and can also ultimately lead to disease.

Most people spend their lives guessing at what foods will fuel their bodies the right way, instead of having a more solid idea of how they should be eating. Diet is a powerful tool for in healing the body, but without the right pieces to your dietary puzzle, you can never solve it and be fully healthy.

So how do you stop the guessing and discover what foods will actually work best for your body and will help you thrive?

Get rid of the junk!

it is important to understand that a diet of mostly factory processed foods is never going to help anyone thrive in the long run. These chemical filled foods are so devoid of proper nutrients that it does not matter who you are or what metabolic needs you have.  These foods may fill your hunger in the moment, but they will not be able to give the body what it truly needs to maintain optimal health.

So it is important that your dietary focus be on consuming whole, real, nutrient rich foods. Those are the types of foods that can provide the tools that the body needs to heal and thrive.

I’ve done all of that, but still don’t feel good!

But what if you’ve already made that switch, are eating whole foods and cooking every meal at home….and you’re still not feeling as healthy as you should be?

This is when knowing your body’s needs by knowing your metabolic type can really make a difference!  Because we are so unique, we do require different things. Some people may thrive eating more carbohydrates and less protein and fat, while others do well eating higher amounts of protein and fat but fewer carbohydrates. Many do well with a balance of all three. Knowing which balance is optimal for you can help you to quickly start feeling better.

But how do you know which one you are?

The best way to know for sure and to stop the diet guessing game is to actually take the test! The Metabolic Typing Test helps you define what your metabolic type is and will show you the right foods to eat to help restore your energy and help your body to heal.The test helps to define specific metabolic patterns that ultimately can show you which balance of foods works best for you!

The Metabolic Typing Diet is the key to helping your understand your body’s nutritional needs, giving your body the right combination of foods to help it heal, prevent disease and thrive!

To learn more, visit where you can find your own Metabolic Type!  When you do, you will also receive a specialized Metabolic Typing Diet Report, user guide, meal planner, supplement guide and educational videos that will help you to individualize your specific diet.

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