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Why Antacids Will Never Cure Heartburn

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Why Antacids Will Never Cure Heartburn from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition #FDNTraining

Many people experience heartburn, acid reflux or indigestion regularly. Heartburn is one of the many common symptoms that most now accept as normal. According to the National Institute of Health, 20% of Americans suffer from heartburn symptoms at least once a week. Almost half of these people experience symptoms daily. As with most health problems, […]


Hormone Imbalance During Pregnancy Causes Mood Swings

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Hormone Imbalance During Pregnancy Causes Mood Swings from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition #hormone #pregnancy

Most women experience mood swings during pregnancy. But why does this happen? And how can symptoms be eliminated? Mood swings are also a common symptom of PMS. In both cases, a hormone imbalance is the most common cause. Unfortunately, hormone imbalance is quite common. And unhealthy habits that today’s lifestyle promotes are typically to blame. Female […]


How Deep Breathing Reduces Stress

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How Deep Breathing Reduces Stress from

Throughout our lives we take millions of breaths without thinking about it. But without proper breathing we cannot experience good health. Each of the trillions of cells we’re made of requires a steady supply of oxygen to function properly. Going without it for longer than just a few minutes will result in death!  Most people […]


Dangerous Drugs In Our Water

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Dangerous Drugs in the Water from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition #FDNTraining

Did you know that every time your clients take a drink of tap water, they’re taking drugs? And It’s far more than just fluoride and chlorine that they are consuming. A recent study has shown that there is widespread contamination in municipal water supplies caused by common pharmaceuticals. Not just floating around in the reservoirs, […]