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Why Take the FDN Course?

  • The FDN Course is a complete health coach certification course and provides training in functional lab assessments and client intake methods that produce individualized, targeted protocols. It addresses how to help clients from beginning to end and provides ALL of the tools needed, including initial contact, results, protocols, follow up documents and instructions.
  • The FDN Course team mentorship program, unique to FDN, provides an exceptional hands-on learning experiences and opportunities to receive direct guidance from a great team of FDN mentors. An essential part of the learning process, each trainee experiences being an FDN client, and can choose to work with any of the mentors who will, in private consultations, guide them through understanding their own personal lab test results and will design a complete custom healing and health-building protocol for the trainee. In addition, the trainee and one of the mentors will role play in practical exercises with mock clients.
  • Active and engaged trainee and graduate community and support hub – The FDNconnect Community is the hub of support and connection for every FDN Trainee and graduate. Within this community are forums, announcements, practitioner files and documents, and many important resources such as countless case studies and weekly live call with FDN Staff and guests. Every trainee becomes part of a wonderful family that offers support as their careers grow. There is also an active Facebook group where trainees can go to get answers to their questions as well as additional guidance.
  • The FDN Course is 100% online with 24/7 access, and is self-paced within a 12 month time frame. It typically takes 3-4 months to complete if working at a pace of 5-8 hours a week. Trainees enjoy an exceptional coursework experience using our Learning Management System that provides step by step, intuitive movement through the coursework and makes the learning experience.
  • Free access to current and updated course materials, practitioner files, and practitioner resources is extended to all active FDN Practitioners. Each FDN Practitioner is eligible for association membership.

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