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I’m Amber Sliney, a functional health coach who works with families of children struggling with symptoms of ADHD and ADD. I help children to have balanced energy, better attention and a more balanced mood. I believe most children with behavior symptoms are struggling with underlying, hidden stress that can be resolved with diet, lifestyle and customized nutrition.

I have been a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor for over 7 years. As a mother of two I understand how frustrating, scary and overwhelming it can be with a child that doesn’t feel well and how this can affect the entire family. When my oldest was in kindergarten I would help in his classroom at school. I noticed some kids that really struggled to listen and pay attention.

A few of the parents confided in me the struggles of dealing with this and how it affected the entire family. They knew their kid was a good kid deep down, so why were they behaving this way? It broke my heart to see these children and their families suffer. There had to be an answer, a way to help them.

Soon my daughter was in kindergarten and soon after I started getting phone calls from school about her behavior. If you’ve had calls or notes home from school like this you know how overwhelming it can feel. I felt terrible, like I was the worst parent. How could this happen? I started putting the pieces together from what I had learned in FDN. My daughter had hidden underlying stressors that were affecting her mood and behavior. Her body was dealing with chaos on the inside and the symptoms were her bodies way of sending a signal for help.

Once we started applying diet and lifestyle modifications as well as addressing underlying stressors, the symptoms started going away. She could sit still, she wasn’t having as many issues with impulse control and her mood was more balanced. What a relief, I wasn’t a terrible mom! Now I work with families on diet and lifestyle modifications as well as addressing underlying hidden stressors for their child.

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