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I’ve always had an interest in sports. I was a cheerleader and played volleyball and softball throughout grade school and high school. But my true passion for the health care field began in high school when I took my first anatomy class. It was then that I knew I wanted to pursue a career related to the body and how it functioned.

After I graduated from Gibault High School in 1994, I attended Maryville University and earned a Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy in 1999, graduating magna cum laude. I worked in outpatient orthopedic and sports clinics until 2007 but at that point, I knew I wanted something more. I joined the team at SWEAT in 2007 and continued offering physical therapy services as well as personal training. I became certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. After a few years I decided to pursue another certification. I became certified as an Exercise Coach through the CHEK Institute in August of 2012. This added a lot of expertise to my practice as a personal trainer and physical therapist. A key component of this certification is the integration of mind-body fitness and traditional exercise prescription. I am able to show clients how different types of exercise affect both parts of the autonomic nervous system – an often neglected factor that is vital to achieving success with clients. The same year, I also became a Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This allowed me to supplement my knowledge of good fitness techniques and methodology with an extensive understanding of good nutrition.

My passion for nutrition and lifestyle change didn’t stop there. I was struggling with my own health issues and wanted some answers. I found a program called Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, or FDN, that helped me discover that I had hormone imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, gastrointestinal dysfunction, food sensitivities and many other issues. I immediately knew that I wanted to add this to my practice and I became certified as Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner in 2014. With my love of health and wellness and extensive background in the health care field, I am able to assist any client in achieving their goals. I have a genuine desire to help people and can develop a plan to make you feel your very best!

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