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As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner® I specialize in working with those who have Lyme Disease, CIRS/Mold Biotoxin Illness, MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome), food sensitivities, digestive distress, and autoimmune illnesses.

I strongly believe that every individual has a unique biochemistry and do not subscribe to a one-size fits all diet or wellness protocol. Instead, I use special functional nutrition lab tests to investigate and identify hidden malfunctions and imbalances that are at the root cause of your chronic health symptoms. Then, I give you a natural, personalized dietary and lifestyle protocol to help you heal and get rid of your chronic symptoms.

I’m also Certified Holistic Health Coach and have been trained in over 100 different dietary theories and am an expert in many specialty, Anti-Inflammatory Diets including: Paleo, Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), Low-FODMAP, Keto Diet, Anti-Candida Diet, and the Low-Histamine Diet.

My passion for helping others heal naturally comes from privately battling decades of my own health problems including: hormone and metabolic issues, chronic pain, debilitating fatigue, anxiety, depression, severe food sensitivities, parasites, SIBO, and leaky gut. After being treated for several different autoimmune conditions with immune suppressants I just kept getting worse.

When western medicine doctors wanted to continue to throw more pharmaceutical medications at me to “ease my symptoms”, I became passionate about investigating the real root causes of my symptoms and using a functional medicine approach to heal. My dedicated research, training, and health detective work finally paid off in 2013 when I was correctly diagnosed with Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease, mold toxicity/CIRS, and MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome).

My focus on gut and digestive health, functional medicine, and an anti-inflammatory eating and lifestyle plan are essential in my own ongoing recovery. I “practice what I preach” each and every day, always putting self-care first! Now I want to help you do the same and live your life to your fullest potential!

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