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My name is Brooklyn Hanna and I currently live in West Des Moines, Iowa. I am functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner as well as a Registered Nurse. I have always had a strong passion for health. My direction took a turn when I was exposed to toxic mold in an apartment I moved into. The mold brought down my immune system, and triggered lyme symptoms. I was disabled and had to quit my nursing job I loved so much. Luckily, I found functional diagnostic nutrition and worked hard to figure out the tools I needed to heal myself. I’m proud to say I’m now loving life and feeling great. I believe healing from chronic illness takes a whole body approach. Hormones, thyroid, liver function, digestion, immune function, intestinal infections, and neurotransmitters are some of the things we work on. Diet alone is often not enough. I put a huge focus on detoxing because our world is full of toxins and pathogens which cause inflammation and make us sick. Typically I start by supporting detox pathways such as the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, and colon. I may also support the immune system, hormones, and adrenals. By building up your system, your body is able to tolerate detoxing better. Then we start to tackle microbes such as parasites, yeast, fungus, lyme, co-infections, viruses, etc. Instead of just treating symptoms, I run in depth lab tests to figure out what’s causing your symptoms. I create individualized protocols based on your history, symptoms, and lab results. I work with many people who are suffering from mold toxicity and lyme disease. However, I am willing to work with anyone who is willing to fully commit to getting well. I LOVE to learn, go to movies, lift weights, and go to church.

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