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Chandler McMurray-Ives
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Chandler McMurray-Ives is the founder of Ives Natural Health, a healing modality that combines advanced biochemical testing, mental/emotional healing, whole food nutrition, lifestyle health education, and potent botanical protocols that get to the root cause of even the most chronic health conditions.

Chandler is a registered FDN Practitioner, yoga instructor, and herbalist. She continues to study herbology & TCM.

Her expertise lays in empowering her clients to overcome autoimmune diseases, chronic digestion issues, chronic fatigue, and hormone imbalances.


Our bodies are capable of abundant health. There is an innate intelligence within us that is always steering towards health.

When dis-ease occurs, it stems from dysfunction within the body. As opposed to seeking out and attacking disease, healing protocols support the whole person and the functioning of whole body system.

By working with the body and using natural biochemically unique approaches, we can enable our bodies to opt out of dysfunction. When that happens, the body starts to thrive and healing becomes unconditional.


Throughout my life, I have struggled with chronic pain and disability from a car accident; substance abuse; digestion issues and Celiacs disease; weight issues; adult onset cystic acne; fibrocystic breasts; digestion issues that had me in and out of the hospital for two years before I got a diagnosis of SIBO, IBD (Chrones), and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I worked with many health professionals with little success. After my GP told me there was nothing more he could do, I realized that if I was going to heal, I needed to become my own health advocate.

This is when I learned about FDN. Guided by lab testing I finally began to get my life back. In fact, I opened to a life bigger and more satisfying than ever before.

But that’s enough about me – I’d love to know more about you. If you’d like to see if I can help you with a health challenge, please say hello.

Chandler works with clients online and in-person.

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