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I came to FDN through my exposure to the public school population. As a health and physical education teacher for 9 years, I saw so many cases of sick children, and adults for that matter. Appalled with seeing the answers and support they got from pharmaceutical drugs and the conventional system, I decided that something must be done to help these children build their health the right way, from the inside, out.

I enjoy working with whole families, as I believe parents must be the role models and initiators of change for their children, but my initial focus is on helping to heal children. I hate to see children suffer, especially when I know it is unnecessary, and that I can help them. I have a passion for helping parents and children to navigate the confusing and toxic world we live in. I help them by teaching them a model of self-care, and get them started on their healing journey by recommending natural healing protocols.

My wife and I have 3 daughters of our own (with twin boys on the way!! AHHHH), so I understand the challenges that go along with raising healthy children. It’s certainly not easy to get them to eat the right foods all the time, or to make other healthy choices. This points even more to the importance of having a coach by your side to help you start living a healthier, active, and natural lifestyle. I would be honored to be that person and guide for you, as I take a sincere and profound interest in all of my clients.

Dan works with clients online and in-person.

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