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For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to optimize my life, health, and performance. Unfortunately I didn’t have the correct formulas…at least not for me. For years I adhered to the conventional diet dogma of low fat, calories in/calories out. I was also an endurance junkie, thinking I could outrun whatever health challenges I had.

This approach didn’t work and eventually, despite my well intentioned efforts, I was facing weight gain, elevated cholesterol (maybe not such a bad thing after all), rising blood sugar, and increasing blood pressure. I was fatigued most of the time, my muscles and joints hurt, and my digestion was not what it should be. One option was to start taking a few pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms and stabilize my lab numbers, but intuitively I knew that was not going to really solve my issues at the root cause.

So I set off on a research and learning expedition to figure out how to live a better life. The more I learned and experimented, the deeper I immersed myself into the world of functional nutrition and lifestyle, the healthier I became. I also became passionate about spreading this knowledge with others, which at least at the time was not readily accessible.

Eventually I became a Certified FDN practitioner and also hold FDN Advanced Certifications in HPA axis (Adrenal and Sex Hormones), Thyroid, SIBO, Functional Blood Chemistry, and Oxalates. I am also certified in Basic Genomics, Treating Upper Crossed Syndrome, and Pharmacy in Your Kitchen – medical and medicinal foods. I am a member of AFDNP.

As an FDN I use functional lab testing, client interviewing, and diet and lifestyle modifications to address health challenges and reach wellness goals by teaching individualized nutrition, the right kind and amount of exercise, improving sleep, stress management, and targeted supplementation. Since everyone is different, I put a special emphasis on creating a customized plan for each individual.

I have worked with both men and women from various age groups to lose weight, balance hormones, optimize digestion, calm auto-immune conditions, regulate blood sugar, improve thyroid function, and ultimately beat fatigue and thrive. I specialize in men over 40 that want to optimize their wellness and retain or regain their youthful physique, appearance, energy, and performance.

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