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Hi, I’m Justine Cécile

I was in your position once. Looking for answers, but not sure I wanted to jump in. I was already stressed beyond belief and any health program was going to take a lot of work.

I kept looking for easy answers, until the day I realized there were none. I had been very active my entire life and in 1991, I was the senior NCO of a unit based at the Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

I was in the military, and fatigue was normal. Aches & pains were normal. Stress, coupled with digestive problems was normal.

But because I didn’t solve my health annoyances early – I really did become sick.

Finally, diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2000, I survived stoned on medication 24/7 and in severe chronic pain until 2013.

What I have discovered is, most chronic illnesses start out as an energy crisis. Fatigue, emotional stress, body aches & pain and digestive distress often show up long before a diagnosis.

And all have a gut connection.

Today, I support hard-working, health-minded individuals who are excited about the possibility of finally being able to explore new things, travel and do what they have put off because they were so busy raising and supporting their families, and yet now feel like their health is getting in the way.

As a Certified FDN Practitioner, I lean on state-of-the-art diagnostic lab testing and clinical assessments to determine healing opportunities & baselines and determine diet, mobility & supplement protocols. As a Certified WildFit™ Coach, I have the background to support real shifts in how you relate to food. And as a Master TCM coach and trained MindMapping™ Neuroscience Coach, I help you get it done by guiding you away from stress and toward paths that lead to vitality and happiness.

It’s time to put your environments in order, so you have space for healing, living a full active life and ultimately finding more joy.

Justine works with clients online.

Justine offers a FREE 30-minute discovery call.  You can schedule here:

I want to receive the Free Lesson: 6 Hidden Forms of Stress That Are Making People Sick and How to Reverse Them.

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