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Karen Bernstein Shoshana is the founder and lead health expert at, where she helps women overcome chronic stress and fatigue and consistently sleep through the night. A former attorney certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Karen approaches health through a lens of logic and investigation. She goes “Law and Order” on health issues, using lab testing, in-depth health history, and intuitive coaching to get to the root of any symptom and holistically correct the real problem. Karen works primarily with women in their 40’s and older.

Karen’s mission is to excite and equip women to become the CEO of their bodies, starting with their mind.

The spark came from a crisis in 2006, when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Learning how to meditate as a way to cope and to support her mother, Karen was hit with a huge a-ha about the mind-body connection and the healing possibilities of meditation. Beyond that, seeing her mother lose command of her own faculties inspired Karen to pivot from law to a career that would help women take back control of their bodies and health.

Expert topics include digestive and hormonal health, nutrition and lifestyle health, as well as SIBO and pathogens. Karen has been featured as a health expert in Huffington Post, TEDx, and, is a contributing writer to and is currently writing her first book on tackling women’s biggest stressors.

When not working, Karen is probably planning her next travel adventure. She’s torn whether to go somewhere new, or back to her favorite, Iceland.

Karen only works with clients online.

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