Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Kathy L Morris
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A little about myself, I have been working in the health field for (20) plus year. And after dealing with my own issues and family complaints, I moved into a field to help others regain their health and provide them with methods and answers, to taking control of their own health.

As a trained Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I will help you seek unbalances from within the body. I look for healing opportunities by finding the root causes and by carefully identify past, present health concerns. We will work together to determine the correct path by incorporating well-chosen labs, improve eating habits, enhance life style, that you, will be able to follow throughout your life.

By working together, we can enhance positive changes that will allow you and your body a chance to return to your body’s proper homeostasis. I work at the cellular level to bring back vibrant health, emotional balance and mental clarity.

Let’s shed your toxicity’s, so you can meet your dreams.

Kathy works with clients online and in-person.

Kathy offers a FREE 20-30 minute discovery call.

I want to receive the Free Lesson: 6 Hidden Forms of Stress That Are Making People Sick and How to Reverse Them.

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