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Kristin Thomas
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Kristin Thomas is not only highly trained in Functional Health Practices, she has lived through chronic illness and reversed her own ulcerative colitis and other health challenges such as leaky gut, food sensitivities, hormone imbalance a half dozen gut infections. She is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach with additional training in digestive health, hormone balancing, SIBO, thyroid conditions, detoxification, and stealth infectious disease. She helps clients determine what lab tests will best illuminate why they feel sick and what actions to take to feel better. She then guides them toward better health by eliminating the factors creating the loss of function, putting meaningful lifestyle interventions in place, homing in on the right diet, and working to unblock the physical and emotional factors that led to poor health. Many of Kristin’s clients enjoy working with her because they feel truly understood, truly heard (often for the first time in their life), they feel she is compassionate and that Kristin provides her clients with the answers they are so desperately seeking.

Kristin works with clients online and in-person.

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