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Hi there! I’m a certified personal trainer, FDNP, wife, stepmom, and total health foodie. I’m also a certified autoimmune protocol coach and look forward to expanding my practice in that area.

I have personally struggled with hormone imbalances, extreme anxiety and debilitating fatigue and brain fog which led to what I consider a “total breakdown” in 2015. Through my own journey of health, I’ve reversed my anxiety, lost rosacea, gained a ton of energy and I sleep like a rock. I really gained a lot once I invested in functional lab testing. Up until that point I was guessing and doing my best but it wasn’t enough. Now I know exactly what is happening in my body and how to fix it!

I also enjoy working with children once I discovered the major impact pathogens were having on my son! After seeing 4 doctors who all told us he was constipated and recommended a miralax flush (which wasn’t solving the problem) I received the results of the stool test I had ordered for him which showed he had a parasite, some pretty major bacteria, and an incredibly suppressed immune system. We went to work dialing in on his nutrition and creating a supplemental protocol to boost his immune system, target the major pathogens, and restore his gut microbiome. He went from a child in pain, cranky, tired and missing school to full of energy, positive, happy, and getting better grades in just a few months!

My personal process is REMOVE —> REPAIR —> RESTORE. I’m passionate about working with my clients to create a lifestyle of health, dig to the root cause of WHY they don’t feel their best and design a plan to reach your goals. Your body is designed to feel good. We just need to give it the tools.

Together we will get you back to optimal health!

Kylene works with clients online and in-person.

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