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Laurean Millonzi
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Greetings, my name is Laurean Millonzi I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner. Also Advanced Certified in Colon Hydrotherapy also Licensed Massage Therapist. I have been in the health field for 18 years. During those years I was challenged with digestive issues that really needed to be addressed. Searching for answers led me to expanding my practice to include FDN. I have used their methods on myself and other clients. I am so impressed with the results I have seen.

As an FDN, I will support and guide you on a most exciting journey identifying Malfunctions in your body. We look at Hormones, Immune function, Digestion and your Detoxification pathways. Searching for healing opportunities in your bodies functions. Our motto is WE DON’T GUESS WE TEST. First and foremost, we listen to your concerns. Moving forward together deciding what Lab test would be best. Most importantly addressing lifestyle changes in Diet ,Rest, Exercise, Supplements, Stress Reduction. This is the protocol set up for you specifically aiming toward success in getting your health on track.



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Laurean works with clients online or in-person, as well as a Free 30 minute discovery call!