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Michael R Buron
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I’m a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in helping people suffering from chronic conditions that other modalities have failed to resolve. AKA: “Hard Cases.” Why am I sought after to work “Hard Cases”? I do the work others either won’t do or trained to do. I believe people deserve the attention and detail they get from Health Chek. Not good, but great investigative health detective work is what’s needed today. Welcome to CSI Health Chek! CSI = Chronic Sickness Investigation. Current Healthcare is failing; there is no denying this. With more doctors, specialists, alternative practitioners, why are we the sickest society to date? Two main reasons; 1) Practitioners don’t know how to get to the underlying issues and only treat symptoms. 2) People want a quick fix for problems that have been building for many years. Both parties don’t get into the many hidden factors that block one’s health from being expressed. It takes lots of effort on both sides, and it needs to be a team effort to succeed.

Michael works with clients online and in-person.

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