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Hey, Y’all! I’m Piper Gibson and I fully believe that individual health and wellness is the future. I use a whole body approach when working with you to heal your inflammation, hormones, thyroid, and leaky gut. My focus is real food nutrition, functional lab testing, and genetics to help you feel amazing again and live life renewed. I have a Bachelor of Science from New Mexico State University and I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner® . I am a member of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners and I am also trained in advanced thyroid protocols. I am a Nutrigenomics specialist, using cutting-edge genetics to provide advanced nutrition protocols.

How did I get here?

Six years ago my oldest son was diagnosed with a transient tic, As parents, we were overwhelmed and scared. We visited doctor after doctor who either told us to ignore what was going on or drug our child. It was very frustrating that we could not find answers anywhere. We spent thousands of dollars on tests, doctor visits, medicines, and supplements. As a mom, I began hours, months, and years of research to try and figure out where we were headed. I had officially become a mega researcher. Along the way, we have found some amazing doctors and found some answers. However, this journey has brought me to my passion for Bio-Individual whole body health.

What is Bio-Individuality?

Bio-Individuality recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all diet. Each person is unique with highly individualized nutritional requirements, based on factors that include personal taste and inclinations, natural shapes and sizes, blood type, metabolic rates, and genetic backgrounds. I know that so many people can’t find the answers to their health problems, they are thrown a pill and told to carry on. It’s hard to carry on when you feel like crap and no one can tell you why. Symptoms can be far removed from what is actually causing the dysfunction in your body. I look at your foundational systems like your hormones, immune, detoxification, and I do some investigative work on those systems. I do that by running functional lab tests and genetics, I take the results of that lab work and compare and contrast them to who you are and how you are feeling. I use this information to create healing opportunities and I address those healing opportunities using a natural protocol.

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