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Sharon’s path to nutrition began when her son was diagnosed with Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis and Ileitis (Irritable Bowel Disease, which is an autoimmune condition) . Her decision to tackle his condition led her to change careers and sent her back to graduate school where she completed a Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition (MSACN). During this process Sharon realized that she had been ignoring her own symptoms. She learned how to heal herself, her son and her whole family through food and now works with others – through one on one meetings (in person, on the phone or via Zoom), webinars and workshops – to help them create a blueprint to overcome their own obstacles – whether it is to lose weight, get through menopause, have more energy or get rid of brain fog so that they can create a rich health portfolio and live a fuller life by their own design. Her focus is women in their 40’s and 50’s who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to get to the root of their health issues.

Sharon is a certified functional nutritionist and a member of the American College of Nutrition. As an FDN-P, she uses functional lab testing to help identify malfunctions and healing opportunities that are H.I.D.D.E.N (hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production and nervous system) and bring one back into balance.

Sharon believes that if you don’t get the right nutrients, that if you keep borrowing from your own health account and depleting it, your body becomes inflamed and your brain gets foggy. You have to take care of yourself and your health first (think airplane: place oxygen on yourself first), to think clearly within your own life, before you can have the energy to bring to others, whether it is family, friends or coworkers.

When she’s not working, she loves hiking, biking, skiing or anything outdoors and can be as silly as her kids, making snow angels in the snow!

Sharon works with clients online and in-person.

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