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I became an FDN-P because of a personal experience that inspired my believe in the power of a functional approach to health. In my thirties, I found I had a myriad of symptoms that doctors kept telling me were normal or just a part of getting older. Fatigue, brain fog, vertigo, night sweats, digestive issues, worsening allergies, joint and muscle pain, skin issues, weight gain, Raynaud’s syndrome, being cold all the time, and constantly getting sick. I was on acid reflux medication daily and often on NSAIDs for lower back and neck pain. I lived like this for over a decade. It became my “normal.” When I finally saw a functional practitioners and started voraciously reading health and nutrition books, I learned these things were neither normal nor irreversible. My hidden stressors were mold toxicity, chronic Lyme disease, hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, and an intestinal pathogen. Each feeding my susceptibility to the others. That doesn’t sound good, but I was elated to finally have these things acknowledged, and to finally have hope that they could be solved.

The first things to disappear (and within 2 weeks of addressing them) were vertigo and night sweats. Over time, my weight came down and the rest of my health came back to me too. Even my autoimmune Raynaud’s is 90% better. Today I have more energy than I’ve had since my twenties. This past winter I was the only one in my household that didn’t get sick! I can’t believe I lived with my symptoms for so long before getting help.

I became a certified FDN-P to pay it forward. To help people understand that accepting that symptoms are normal or masking them with medication only allows the underlying problem to persist. And to really listen to people and help them find their root causes, reduce the hidden and not-so-hidden stressors in their lives, and uncover healing opportunities to help bring them back in balance.

You deserve to be healthy, happy, and full of energy. We can work together to figure this out.

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