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I’m a California girl, living outside of London. While that transition 13 years ago brought with it marriage and travel and excitement, the change of lifestyle, environment (and everything else!) included a fair amount of stress and contributed to some of my health complaints. Ultimately, my research and experimentation led me to FDN, which sparked a whole new passion for wellbeing and then a whole new career for me.

I had a lot of stereotypical hypothyroid symptoms, like weight gain and cold hands and feet, but I also had disproportionately fat legs on my very small frame. I spent years in the gym, cleaning up my diet and visiting every local complementary therapist I could find. I’m one of those who genuinely says, “I have tried everything!”

Eventually, I dragged myself back to my GP, armed with a folder of research, and asked the doctor if he would take a look. As a result, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and Lipoedema, a fat disorder in my legs. Getting that diagnosis from a conventional medical doctor was a long, long road and I want to help others avoid the roller coaster of being told that “nothing’s wrong” when I knew for sure that something was very wrong.

Following on from these diagnoses, I completed my FDN training and have also trained as an AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner and earned a diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. In addition, I am currently completing a diploma in Life Coaching.

My goal now is to use my enthusiasm and knowledge to help others investigate why they feel like rubbish and address the cause of their symptoms. I specifically focus on making dietary changes and how to navigate that transition. Additionally, I believe reducing stress is key and I integrate EFT into my sessions so that my clients have a tool they can use in between our appointments.

Regaining good health and coping with stress and food intolerances takes grit and patience. Grit Wellness is here to help.

Stacy works with clients online and in-person.

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