Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Trudi Baird
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I became an FDN practitioner in order to help heal my partners longterm battle with debilitating health, including Hashimotos and chronic fatigue. He went from barely being able to continue working to returning to full time work, as well as resuming sport and now lives a very active life. Natural healing has been a passion of mine since childhood so FDN makes a perfect fit for me as I have always believed in food and lifestyle as our natural medicine. I also have a passion for weight management as I battled with my own disordered eating for many years. I have trained further into this area so I can meet both physical and emotional needs of clients wanting to reach specific weight goals (be it weight gain or weigh loss). FDN work is extremely fulfilling, but to do justice to it I have defined my work to three specific areas so I can fully focus on helping clients with specific issues. These are: digestive problems, chronic fatigue and weight management (serial dieting & obesity).

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