FDN Advisory Board

Dr. Sandeep Gupta

dr-sandeep-guptaDr. Gupta is a licensed MD and a nutritional/environmental medicine specialist who heads an international medical consulting business. Dr. Gupta graduated from the School of Medicine at The University of Queensland Australia. He completed his residency at both public and private hospitals, serving as cardiology, medical and anesthetic registrar. He has extensive experience in critical care, including complex post-cardiac surgery patients.

Dr. Gupta received specialized training in integrative medicine, and was awarded a Fellowship of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in 2008 and a Fellowship of the Australian College of General Practitioners in 2010. In 2014, Dr. Gupta became the first international physician certified in the Shoemaker protocol treating mold illness and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). He currently is completing physician training with the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society.

Dr. Gupta works closely with FDN in the creation of curriculum and course modules. He currently serves as an FDN Medical Director.


Dr. Thomas Polucki

dr-thomas-poluckiDr. Polucki is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor and chiropractic instructor in practice for over 25 years helping provide fast and lasting pain relief without drugs or surgery.  He has served as faculty at Sherman College of Chiropractic and assisting technical consultant at Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Polucki also has certifications in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, Metabolic Typing® and Functional Medicine that allows him to help people with permanent weight loss, nutritional detoxification, allergies, bio-identical hormones, sleep and digestive tract rehabilitation.

Dr. Polucki hosts a weekly radio show “The Dr. Polucki Family Health Hour” on KHTS AM 1220 in Los Angeles and streaming online where FDN Founder, Reed Davis, has been an occasional guest.  Dr. Polucki serves as an FDN Medical Director



Dr. Bruce Eichelberger

dr-bruce-eichelbergerThere’s an old saying in Chinese Medicine, “Big illness, long life.”

I wondered for a long time what that meant. Then, around age 48, after 30 years of studying and practicing Chinese Medicine, I found out.

At that time I was struggling with multiple health problems. I had chronic pain in my joints and on the bottoms of my feet. I was fuzzy-headed and had a hard time recalling things. I was overweight, cranky and irritable.

In short, my quality of life was down the tubes…

Understand that I hadn’t given up. I’d done research and tried pretty much every herb, vitamin, mineral and natural supplement I could find that might reverse my symptoms. I even considered using pharmaceutical drugs, but the long list of side effects let me know that even if they worked for some of the symptoms, they weren’t going to improve my quality of life.

By the time I was 48 I’d spent 3 years looking for the ‘magic bullet’ answer that would fix what was ailing me. For all I know those experiments slowed the process down, but they never turned it around. I was increasingly uncomfortable and unhappy.


Dr. Jess Armine

dr-jess-armineDr. Armine is one of the few specialists in the United States specializing in correlating the Genetic SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) with Neuro-Endo-Immunology, Acquired Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Cell Wall Integrity to identify hidden imbalances and he develops INDIVIDUALIZED treatment plans specific to the history and physiology of the individual patient. Dr. Armine constantly researches about the latest findings in genetics and functional medicine.

Dr. Armine’s passion is to discover and eradicate the root cause and subsequent effects of chronic illnesses in adults and children as well as to educate and empower patients and practitioners alike.

Dr. Armine is the co-discoverer of Bio-Individualized Medicine ™.



Dr. Alan Weinstein

dr-alan-weinsteinAfter 25 years of practice, Dr. Weinstein combined his exercise expertise with direct to consumer marketing where he wrote, produced, directed and starred in his own long form infomercial, for an exercise device of his own invention.  During this time he worked with Eric Stilson who many of you know for his hugely successful marketing campaigns for HealthRider, Bowflex and the AbDoer.

He honed his marketing media skills with Mercury Media and Euro RSG the largest media buyers in the world.  He then went on to work with Alex Mandossian, Paul Colligan, and David Jackson, the top innovators in internet marketing today.

Having built three successful practices over the last 25 years, he brings an expertise in marketing and media that no one else has.