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Finding the Best Foods for Your Clients

Finding the Best Foods for Your Clients from

The new year is almost here, and so are the huge number of commercials promoting all the “latest and greatest” diets that will help people to lose weight and get healthy in 2018! Online, people are talking about how one way of eating has restored their health, while others disagree that their diet is healthy typically promoting another way of eating instead.

These people can get pretty passionate about how they eat! Those that have found a diet that they love are often not shy about sharing their passion with the world, or at least with everyone on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! The people with the most passion are those who have found a level of success with a particular way of eating. Whether they’ve experienced more energy, weight loss or a reduction of symptoms, they are busy trying to convince everyone else that their way of eating is the best and only way to eat.

And unfortunately, there is a mindset with many that because a certain way of eating has worked well for them that it is the perfect diet for everyone. And that’s just not the case. Not everyone will thrive on the same foods because we have vastly different bodies and have different nutritional requirements. One man’s food is indeed another man’s poison. And while one dietary theory may work well for some, at the same time it may cause health problems for others.

There is much more to consider when looking at the right diet for your clients. There are a number of metabolic and genetic factors that can impact which foods will work best for each individual. And you also must take things like food sensitivities and issues such as digestive dysfunction into consideration as well, all of which could prevent your client from being able to consume certain foods.

But you can help your clients to find out which foods will work best for them and begin to understand the nutritional needs of their body. You can do this by helping them discover their metabolic type through Metabolic Typing®.

When it comes to eating the right balance of macro and micronutrients that your clients need to restore health, knowing their metabolic type is key. The three main types of macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein and fat. If your clients have been eating the wrong amounts of macronutrients for their body, they will struggle with health issues because their body simply won’t have the proper building blocks for optimal health.

With Metabolic Typing, there are three different types that you clients could be. Some are protein types. This type requires more protein and fat, and fewer carbohydrates in their diet. The protein type typically does better on a moderately low carbohydrate or Paleo diet that is lower in carbs. Protein types are fast oxidizers. This means that their bodies burn through carbohydrates relatively quickly. Because of this they require extra protein and fat to slow down the oxidization of carbohydrates. If protein types do not eat enough protein and fat, they can experience problems with wildly fluctuating blood sugar levels.

The second type is the carbohydrate type. These people will see greater success when they eat more healthy carbohydrates and less protein and fats. Carbohydrate types are slow oxidizers. Their bodies process carbohydrates much more slowly than protein types. Because of this, if they eat a larger amount of protein and fat, their bodies will not digest the food at a healthy pace. When this slow digestion happens, they can experience digestive issues as well as a lack of energy.

The final metabolic type is the mixed type. This type is a mix of both the protein and carbohydrate types. Mixed types do well with a balanced mix of carbohydrates, fats and protein. If they are consuming foods that don’t contain a balance, they can feel tired or have digestive issues.

If your clients are eating the wrong balance of nutrients, they will begin experiencing symptoms. Without the proper nutrients, the body doesn’t have the tools needed to maintain good health. Symptoms will begin to appear and eventually it will lead your clients to experience chronic illness. Many who come to see you now may already be experiencing this.

How do you help your clients discover their own metabolic type? You can find out more about the Metabolic Typing Diet at Here you can get in-depth help and guidance for your clients. There they can take the test which will define their metabolic type, get a customized report and even schedule an appointment with an adviser who can help them make sure that they are eating the foods that will support their body’s metabolic needs. This will take the guesswork out of what they should be eating and allow them to speed up healing in their body.


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