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Mastering Metabolic Chaos®: Introduction to FDN

Start setting yourself apart from your peers!  Registration is on a first come basis… space is limited to only 100 students.

Registration is now open for two more days!  

Enrollment closes August 24th!

Materials are valued at $1297. Available through this exclusive offer for only $497!  Payment options are available.

*Course begins on August 28th, 2017


How The General Principles of Health Outperform Specific Treatments

We get it. There are a lot of health coaching and continuing educations courses out there.  It can be overwhelming trying to choose your next investment in yourself.

But not all health courses are created equal.  Most courses only give you a few pieces of the puzzle, leaving you wanting more. And confused about how to implement what you have learned. Don’t you wish you could watch the trailer for a course just like you can for a movie before making your decision?  

Well you can! 

This is exaclty why FDN created the course Mastering Metabolic Chaos®: Introduction to FDN.  To give you an inside look at the FDN approach to see if its the right path for you.  

This course will give you a taste of what FDN has to offer. AND it will give you tangible tools you’ll be able to start using right away in your existing practice…or to help you start building your practice.  

“The course gave me a structure to use when coaching clients which is what my previous Holistic Lifestyle Coaching course didn’t offer.”

“I like that it’s balanced. Most other programs seem to focus on only one area ignoring the others — and they often focus on the surface symptoms rather than the root problem. I like that this *really* recognizes the interrelatedness of everything.”

“These tools are very valuable to establish a baseline and sophisticated enough to impress clients but not overwhelm.”

If you’ve been wondering if FDN is the best next step for you, then this is your opportunity to test the waters at an affordable price with a minimal time commitment.

In this course you will learn:

  • The FDN unique method of intake and investigation
  • The FDN DRESS for Health Success® Protocol
  • FDN’s All Natural/Drug-Free Health Rebuilding Techniques

What’s included:

  • 6 Pre-recorded Weekly Lectures released on Mondays
  • 5 Live Weekly Q&A Sessions on Thursdays with recordings of each available within 24 hours
  • Small Group Breakout Calls to go over your personal case study
  • Direct access to Reed Davis during the live Q&A sessions and small group calls
  • BioHealth Student Account for Wholesale Supplements
  • 3 month online access to Course Materials
  • Complete your own real life case study on yourself and a mock client of your choice
  • A One-On-One Career Counseling Session with Reed or co-teacher and FDN Jenn Malecha

Module Breakdown:

  1. FDN Philosophy: how to stop chasing symptoms, end the cycle of trial and error and get to the root cause
  2. Looking for HIDDEN stressors: where are they coming from, working with the body’s innate ability to heal
  3. Build a Personalized DRESS® program: finding the right diet for your client and coaching up function in the body using sleep, exercise and stress reduction
  4. Proper Supplementation: what Reed calls the “3 S’,” working through relief, healing and maintenance phases
  5. Review Your DRESS® Program: you and a mock client will review in small groups with a mentor
  6. BONUS Material: how to charge for your services, FDN detox protocols, program enhancements and case studies


Registration is on first come basis…Space is limited to 100 students only and enrollment closes August 23rd!

Materials are valued at $1297. Available through this exclusive offer for only $497!

*Course begins on August 28th, 2017






Does this course include training on lab tests?

This course is designed to give you an inside look at the FDN principles for building a foundation of health, how to coach up function in the body and coach down contributors to Metabolic Chaos® using the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Protocol without the use of lab test results.


Does this course count as credits towards the full FDN Course? 

This course gives you an inside look at what will be expanded on in greater detail in the FDN full certification course.  Some of the benefits of taking this course prior to taking the full certification course include: receiving a $497 discount (the cost of the introductory course!) on the full certification course if you decide to enroll immediately after completion of the introduction course, and having direct access to Reed Davis to fine tune D.R.E.S.S.® protocols.  Taking this course does not make you exempt from any course material in the full certification program but it will help you build a solid foundation of understanding as you enter the full course.


How long are each of the modules and live Q&A calls? 

Each course module and live Q&A call is 60 minutes in length.  The weekly modules are pre-recorded and made available every Monday during the course for you to review them on your own time.  The weekly Q&A calls are live and take place every Thursday to discuss questions from reviewing that week’s module content or any weekly content prior to that.

What if I can’t attend the live weekly Q&A calls? 

No problem!  All of the live calls are recorded and posted in the course portal within 24-48 hours for you to review at a more convenient time.

Will I be able to use what I learn with my clients and in my practice? 

Yes.  All of the materials that are shared with you during this course are yours to use with yourself, your clients and in your practice.  Please keep in mind that FDN will be sharing trademarked material and asks that you use the materials appropriately with the proper trademark identification.


Registration is on first come basis…Space is limited to 100 students only and enrollment closes August 24th!

Materials are valued at $1297. Available through this exclusive offer for only $497!

 *Course begins on August 28th, 2017