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Why One Size Fits All Diets Don’t Work

Why One Size Fits All Diets Don't Work from

If you go down to the local bookstore or spend some time online, you will discover that there are hundreds of different diets and ways of eating available that you could adopt. Whether it’s low carb, paleo, vegetarian, or any of the hundreds of other dietary theories, you will find thousands of people who are fiercely loyal to their specific way of eating. Many have experienced a reversal of nagging health symptoms and an increase of energy and quality of life while eating a specific way on the diet they’ve chosen.

A good number of the fans of these diets are willing to share their experiences openly, online and in person. They are willing to spend plenty of time recommending their way of eating to others who are listening and looking for healing of their own. Many of those who hear and read those testimonials will move forward and try that way of eating with the hopes that they will achieve the same health improvements. But more often than not, that doesn’t happen.

So why is it that one dietary way of eating can work so well for one person but can make another person feel worse?

There is a misperception permeating our society when it comes to the way we eat.  That misperception is not only dangerous, but can prevent someone from healing and thriving, or it can make someone even sicker than they already are.

The idea that there is one dietary way of eating that will work for every person is not only wrong, it is damaging to the health of many. Human beings are amazing creatures. Every single person is vastly different from any other person. We all think and believe different things. We look different…..and have completely different needs. That is true for the dietary needs of our bodies as well.

Sally and Lisa

Sally decided to start a moderately low carb paleo diet to lose weight and help her with low energy and brain fog. Within a few days weight started dropping off, she started to have more energy, and her brain fog went away. Her best friend Lisa saw her results and was really impressed. Lisa had also been dealing with some excess weight, fatigue, and brain fog.  Sally couldn’t stop talking about how great the diet was and so Lisa decided to give it a try. After a few weeks, Lisa wasn’t really losing weight at all.  Her fatigue and brain fog had gotten worse, and she was struggling more to get through the day.

Different automobiles require different types of motor oil to keep them functioning optimally and most people recognize that without question. So why is it that we question the idea that different people require different foods containing different nutrients?

The reason why Sally thrived and Lisa didn’t was because of the difference in the metabolic needs of the two women.  Some people thrive when eating a higher amount of fat and protein and a lower amount of carbs. Others thrive when eating a higher amount of healthy carbohydrates and lower amounts of protein and fats. And still others thrive when eating a balanced mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Sally is a fast oxidizer. Her body uses carbohydrates very quickly and converts them to glucose. If she eats large amounts of carbohydrates her blood sugar will spike and then drop very quickly. She is more prone to fatigue when eating carbohydrate heavy foods and is also more prone to packing on the pounds as well. She does better when eating more protein and fat, which prevents blood sugar spikes and drops.

Lisa however is not a fast oxidizer, she is a slow oxidizer. Her body burns through carbohydrates slowly and as a result, if she eats a large amount of protein and fat this prevents the body from producing the energy that it needs quickly enough and she will struggle with fatigue and brain fog. Her body requires a larger amount of carbohydrates to function optimally. Therefore, a moderately low carb diet made her feel worse.

Sally decided to try a popular way of eating and it was successful for her. She made a lucky guess. But like so many others, Lisa tried it, and because it wasn’t right for her metabolic type, she did not have the same luck!

Every day, millions more people are doing more guessing, trying to pick the right diet to help them reverse uncomfortable symptoms and help them to be healthier. But why keep guessing when there is a way to find out what will work best for your body?

How to stop guessing and find out what will work for you!

Metabolic Typing® will help you to get off the diet hamster wheel and get you eating the foods that with support healing with the right balance of nutrients for you! It can help to define whether you are a fast oxidizer, slow oxidizer or mixed oxidizer and show you which balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein is best for your body.

When you begin to eat the right balance of foods for your body, weight will naturally begin to come off, and other health issues will improve.

So stop guessing and start testing! Take the Metabolic Typing® test and you can discover a better way of eating that works for your body and your unique, individual needs.

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