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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition | How to Health Coach By Prioritizing Self Care

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition | How to Health Coach by Prioritizing Self Care

As a health coach, it is essential to practice what you teach. A key facet of this is prioritizing your own self-care. Self-care is all about taking care of your personal needs, health and well-being.

Running your own health coaching business, can be stressful and stress can lead to some unhealthy habits.

Here are some simple effective tips on how to health coach by prioritizing self-care.

  • Do Not Over-Commit:
    Allow plenty of time in your schedule for all aspects of running your business, including your client preparation and sessions, marketing, bookkeeping and all the other important behind-the-scenes jobs you need to manage.

    It is important to set realistic goals for yourself and your business and to keep reassessing these goals as your business grows and develops.

  • Schedule “Me” Time:
    The most important aspect of “me” time is to make sure you feel recharged and refreshed afterwards.

  • Get Enough Sleep:
    Adequate sleep allows for hormonal balance, optimal immune functioning, optimal neurological performance and growth and repair of muscles.

  • Eat Well:
    This may seem like a ‘No Brainer’ piece of advice for a health coach; however, eating well is a major aspect of self-care.

    Eating well is critical to achieving hormonal homeostasis and optimal health and vitality.

As a health and wellness advocate, your clients and community look to you for health advice. So it is imperative for you to prioritize your own self-care.

Of course with training as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, you will have the skills and tools that separate you from other practitioners. This is why FDN health coaches never run out of potential clients, making them the most successful in the world of health and wellness.
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