Qigong literally means Energy Cultivation. The ancient Chinese developed highly effective treatments for chronic illness, psychological imbalances, and traumatic injuries which we are only now beginning to understand. They did this with what was available to them in nature and in their own bodies. 

This module uses videos and PowerPoint presentations to help you master the content and teach your clients the basics of Qigong including:

✓Everything you need to incorporate this into your own practice and then share your knowledge with clients

✓Discover the Three Treasures and how to balance them

✓Find out the secret that was shared with Dr. Eichelberger by his teacher, Grandmaster Share K. Lew

✓Discover the Five Phases of Personal Evolution

✓Learn how each phase affects specific organs in the body

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, OMD, FDN-P, CMTA-3, Taoist Abbot, AFDNP Member

  • Has practiced Qigong and Medical Qigong since 1972
  • Originally trained with Grandmaster Share K. Lew
  • Ordained as a Taoist Abbot in the Tao Elixir School
  • Practicing Doctor of Oriental Medicine
  • Offers acupuncture, FDN and Metabolic Typing® to his patients
  • Develops and teaches leading-edge techniques for Mind-Body Integration and Personal Evolution
  • Supports practitioners success using the proprietary “Authority Boost” process

This QiGong course is wonderful! As an acupuncturist, I took my share of QiGong and TaiChi courses during school and always valued the in-person, one-on-one instruction. I never imagined that an online course could provide a similar level of clarity that you get in the classroom setting. Dr. Eichelberger’s teaching style is both engaging and meditative. He provides enough background and context for students to obtain an intellectual grasp of this martial art without venturing into the esoteric. The course structure allows the student to stay grounded in their body and remain fully present. Whether you are new to QiGong or have a background in martial arts, you will find this course to be highly accessible and of great value.


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Course videos, audio, and PDF files cannot be directly given to, sold or shared with others. Once you have learned the exercises and are seeing results, feel free to
teach them to your clients.


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