Webinar- Real Talk – A Personal Trainer’s Story to Success

FDN Reed Davis and Jenn Malecha

At first glance, personal training appears to be a glamorous job.  In most cases you get to set your own hours, be your own boss, spend all day being active, wear the trendiest athletic clothes as your uniform and being healthy is part of the job.

But over time, most personal trainers start to hit their own wall personally and/or professionally.  The spread of early morning to evening appointments and accommodating clients’ schedules starts to wear on you.  You get frustrated with your clients when they aren’t getting results or lack commitment.  You desire to do more with your clients because you see there is more to health than just diet and exercise, but there’s just not enough time or focus in a training session to touch on every aspect.

Going to the gym day in and day out starts to feel like Groundhog’s day and you begin to long for a sense of freedom.  And eventually, your personal health takes a hit from the strain and stress of keeping up with it all, and you start to wonder if this is manageable long term.

This exactly what happened to our very own Jenn Malecha and how she came to be a FDN Practitioner.

Join Reed Davis in a candid conversation with FDN Practitioner, Jenn Malecha, about how she went from being a tied down personal trainer making less than $50,000 a year to becoming a successful FDN Practitioner, tripling her income and finding personal AND professional freedom.

Wednesday, January 24th at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET

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As a personal trainer, Jenn quickly moved up the career ladder- eventually managing a multimillion-dollar fitness facility.  After 4 years of full-time personal training and fitness facility management, she left the fitness industry in search for something more and landed a job in corporate wellness where she thought she would reach more people.   As her career progressed in corporate wellness and her own health began to decline, she quickly recognized the gaps in the U.S. health care system and wanted to make a bigger impact on a more personal level.

In search of a new career path, Jenn was connected with FDN through a webinar with Sean Croxton and immediately knew this was the answer she had been looking for.  Now, as a certified FDN Practitioner, Jenn has a thriving health coaching practice with clients all over the world that gives her the freedom to travel the globe and maintain her own health.

In this interview, Jenn will share:

  • How she made the leap from being a personal trainer and working in the corporate world to becoming an adventure seeking entrepreneur
  • What she can do for her clients now as an FDN that she could never do as a trainer or in corporate wellness
  • How learning the DRESS principles has helped her navigate her own health issues with Hashimoto’s and mold illness
  • Why being an FDN Practitioner is her last stop on the career train

Wednesday, January 24th at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET

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