What Is FDN?

What is FDN?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a methodology used to recover and maintain the best health possible.   We have no interest in diagnosing or treating disease, an area well attended by licensed physicians.   Instead, we investigate underlying causes of unwanted conditions including lifestyle, the environment and individual weak links in metabolism.   We are very interested in dysfunction and imbalances within the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification and energy production systems and the application of all-natural protocols that work non-specifically.   By coaching up function in these areas, and coaching down contributors to Metabolic Chaos®, we find many symptoms and diseases simply disappear over time as normal function and health are restored.   For most chronic stress-related conditions, FDN is all a client needs to do to get better.   For those with a serious medical condition, FDN is a proven stabilizer and holistic grounding program, adjunctive to the medical attention they may receive.

The FDN D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® protocols positively affect every cell, tissue, organ and system (the entire organism), strengthening weak links in metabolism and restoring healthy function.   In thousands of cases we've shown that, guided by functional lab work, general principles of health building can outperform specific treatments.   In other words, by treating nothing specifically and everything non-specifically we can reasonably expect an unwanted health condition to improve or go away completely, as long as the downward spiral of the disease-process is not so contracted that observations we make cannot be capitalized upon.   When a client is ready to do something about the way they feel or look, they need only follow our proven, step-by-step program.  

The concept of non-specific treatment is well-established in the alternative health space and standard medicine has long-recognized the many benefits.   Forgetting or ignoring the ideal of non-specific treatment and the proper application of its principles often leads to searching for anecdotes about specific conditions and treatments, especially in resistant cases.   This typically occurs when the practitioner has not run the proper labs to identify the healing opportunities, and the client has not applied the principles for long enough or earnestly enough to have the desired effects.  

A clue that one is headed down this frustrating road is when we find ourselves asking, "Has anyone ever had a client with X-Y-Z condition," for any reason other than curiosity or camaraderie.   There is nothing wrong with asking the question as long as we remember, a.) we are not treating that condition, and b.) there is no way to know if the solution suggested will work for our client.   That may be the crux of the matter.   Clients today will not abide by "trial and error" with any one practitioner and will soon move on to the next "guru" or practitioner down the road who offers them hope.   Unfortunately, hope alone does not build health.  

The reason we say, "general principles of health building outperforms specific treatments," is partly due to the biochemical individuality of the people we are helping.   Each has a different history, different inborn and acquired weak-links in metabolism, different imbalances, dysfunctions and deficiencies, different stressors, different environment and point-of-view, and so on.   What works for one person may not help the next and, indeed, may cause a third person to worsen!   Staying true to our health-detective and health-building principles, and trusting the outcome to the conscientious application of them, allows us to help 100% of the people we work with, regardless of the unwanted health condition.  

The FDN Certification Course provides extensive training in not only the functional lab work and natural protocols used by FDN Practitioners, but the philosophy, mindset and procedures required to successfully implement the entire methodology into one's existing practice or to build a new practice around it.   Completing the FDN Course has been the key transformational experience for thousands of practitioners wanting to take their practice to a whole new level, or change careers and pursue the business of their dreams.  
Our robust curriculum and state-of the art learning platform are unique.   Complete with one-on-one mentoring and extensive self-testing, we take experienced and novice practitioners alike from the initial intake and onboarding sessions, through testing and protocol development, to the coaching methods that are proven to help clients achieve their best possible results.   That, in the end, is the purpose of the entire program.

Whether you are a seasoned health professional wanting continuing education, or someone looking for a career change, FDN and the FDN Certification Course will exceed your expectations in many ways.   Please enroll now using the link below or talk to a Course Counselor for more information.  


Reed Davis
Founder of FDN and the FDN Certification Course

"Our Mission is to Educate as Many People as Possible How to Get Well and
Stay Well Naturally So That They, In Turn, May Educate Others" ~ Reed