Why Take the FDN Course?

Why Take the FDN Course?

The public is crying out for practitioners to help them with the cause of their health problems instead of just treating the symptoms.   So if you’re not using functional lab work, if you aren't identifying healing opportunities and resolving people's health complaints at the causal level, your patients and clients will go to someone else who can.

The FDN Certification Course not only teaches functional labwork using blood, saliva, urine and stool testing, but how to interpret the results and determine lab-guided natural protocols that will fix the problem and build health.   The course also provides a step-by-step method to engage clients in a healing process so they actually get the results they want.

FDN allows any allied health practitioner to present an effective opt-in model of care to their clients that is easy-to-follow and exactly what they have been looking for from a health care provider.   FDN protocols are potent, proven, professional and individualized to build health!

We teach everything you need to know including:

  • Initial intake and client acceptance steps (onboarding)
  • The health detective work, running labs, and assessing what's really wrong including all the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry you really need to know
  • How to fix problems within the hormone, immune, digestive, detoxification, energy production and nervous systems so the client's health may return - including the renowned DRESS for Health Success® Program
  • Coaching methods that get the best results
  • Trouble-shooting resistant cases and how to work with physicians

We deliver the entire methodology, all the tools and methods needed to become a solid FDN health detective and practitioner.   Both you and your clients will love the results you get when you practice FDN!

Immersion Training

Anyone can run labs these days, but without a complete understanding - most providers just treat the test results instead of the person.   Just like symptoms are not the problem, test results are not the problem.   They are both the result of the problem!

Along with the lab work and protocol training, you'll learn to fix yourself so you can fix others.   You’ll run three labs on yourself and receive your own personalized consultation and FDN protocol.   The FDN Mentoring program not only helps you on your own health journey, it models a coaching program that you'll be able to easily duplicate with your own clients.   Additional personal labs may be ordered as you progress through the course.

As you progress through the training modules, each with multiple lessons and quizzes, you'll also practice FDN with your mentor.   We provide mock clients for you to work with and solve their health complaints.   Our experienced and caring mentors provide a safe space to practice your lab interpretation skills, protocol recommendations and working with the client.   Many FDN graduates have said the practical exercises and role-playing where among the most valuable parts of the training.

You'll also learn a low-stress health-coaching business model and find out how easy it is to deliver more services to more people, and make your practice and income grow.   You don’t need to invent anything, all you need to do is duplicate.   We give you all the client communication and education forms and tools that are critical to their success and yours.
With 24/7 access to the lessons, you may start immediately and finish the course at your own pace.   Customer service, quality control staff and FDN Mentors provide high level personal assistance each step of the way and with payment plans available, the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Course is tailored to your needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee you’ll not only learn an exciting new approach to helping people, you’ll enjoy doing it.   Our founder, Reed Davis, is considered a natural-born teacher and his love for this work is absolutely contagious.   If, after completing Lesson 1, you choose to withdraw from the FDN Course, just let us know and observe our refund policy.   Be warned, withdrawals are as rare as hen's teeth!

We'd love to have you join our community of caring providers that has grown to over 2500 FDNs in nearly 50 countries.   Hit the registration button below and get started today!


Reed Davis
Founder of FDN and the FDN Certification Course

"Our Mission is to Educate as Many People as Possible How to Get Well and
Stay Well Naturally So That They, In Turn, May Educate Others" ~ Reed